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Yabby You ‎– 2015 - Dread Prophecy (The Strange And Wonderful Story Of Yabby You) Flac

1-1 Vivian Jackson & The Prophets– Deliver Me From My Enemies
1-2 Vivian Jackson & The Ralph Brothers– Conquering Lion
1-3 Big Youth– Yabby You
1-4 Vivian Jackson & The Prophets– Anti-Christ
1-5 Vivian Jackson & The Prophets– Carnal Mind
1-6 Vivian Jackson & The Prophets– Run Come Rally
1-7 Yabby You & The Prophets– Jah Vengeance (12" Mix)
1-8 Yabby You & King Tubby– Tubby's Vengeance
1-9 Vivian Jackson & The Prophets– One Love One Heart
1-10 Vivian Jackson & The Prophets– Pound Get A Blow
1-11 Vivian Jackson & The Prophets– Fire In Kingston
1-12 King Tubby's*– Fire Dub
1-13 The Prophets w/ Trinity (4)– Chant Down Babylon Kingdom (12" Mix)
1-14 Yabby You & The Prophets– Beware Dub
1-15 The Prophets w/ Trinity (4)– Give Thanks & Praise (12" Mix)
1-16 Wayne Wade– Man Of The Living (12" Mix)
1-17 Yabby You w/ Trinity (4)– Free Africa (12" Mix)
1-18 Tommy McCook– Live Trap (a/k/a Death Trap) (12" Mix)
1-19 Vivian Jackson & The Defenders– Love Thy Neighbor
The Many Moods Of Yabby You
2-1 Michael Prophet– Love & Unity/Mash Down Rome (12" Mix)
2-2 The Prophets– Babylone A Fall (12" Mix)
2-3 Yabby You– This Economical Crisis
2-4 Yabby You– Praise Jahoviah
2-5 Yabby You– Fire Deh A Mus Mus Tail
2-6 Yabby You– Fleeing From The City
2-7 Prophets All-Stars*– Love In Zimba (Zambia)
2-8 Yabby You w/ Trinity (4)– Gwaan & Lef Me (12" Mix)
2-9 Jah Stitch– Rock Man Soul
2-10 King Tubby's*– Love Of A Woman Dub (Prev. Unreleased)
2-11 Yabby You– Get Lost Babylon (12" Mix)
2-12 Pat Kelly– How Long
2-13 The Melodians– Stop Your Gang War
2-14 The Prophets– Blessed Are The Poor
2-15 Yabby You & The Prophets– Peace
2-16 Yabby You w/ King Tubby's*– Jah Mercies
2-17 Yabby You– Dreadlocks Man (7" Single Mix)
3-1 Willi Williams– Daughter Of Zion
Producer – Vivian Jackson, Willi Williams
Producer – Vivian Jackson, Willi Williams
3-2 Patrick Andy– What A Sufferation (Prev. Unreleased)
3-3 Junior Brown*– I Must Achieve What Is Mine
3-4 The Prophets– Words Of The Prophets
3-5 Bro Joe* & The Rightful Bros.*– Freedom Of Life
3-6 Lenroy Swaby– We Want Our Liberty
3-7 Cleopatra Williams w/ Yabby You– Beyond The Hills
3-8 Yabby You w/ The Gladiators– Mercy & Truth (Prev. Unreleased)
3-9 Yabby You– Black Star Liner (12" Mix)
3-10 Yabby You– King Of Kings (Prev. Unreleased)
3-11 Prince Pompado*– Education Fro Free (Prev. Unreleased)


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